Pooja at Trimbakeshwar

Pooja at Trimbakeshwar

Navagraha Shanti

Nakshatra Shanti

As per Indian Astrology there are 27 nakshatras or stars out of which few are auspicious and few are not.
For eg: Krittika, Ashlesha, Megha, Vishakha, Jyestha and Moola nakshatra are considered as inauspicious. To reduce or negate the effects of such Nakshatra one has to perform shanti.
Vishnu Bali

Vishnu Bali

A person having Kalsarpa Yoga in his birth chart has to perform this pooja. If affected person is a child then his

parents have to perform this pooja to obtain desired results and remove the hurdles in life.

Laghu Rudra

It is a pooja dedicated to lord Shiva (Rudra) and is considered one of the most powerful pooja in eliminating evil and negative energies. This pooja eliminates any kind of doshas in one’s birthchart and give prosperity to individual. This pooja brings Health, wealth and prosperity, Success in business and relationship, protection against diseases, peace and blessings of lord Shiva.
Laghu Rudra

Maha Mrutunjay Jaap

Maha Mrityunjaya Jaap

Mritunjaya mantra is considered as most powerful mantras which conquer death.

Person having any kind of disease should chant this mantra it will lead him to Healthy and Long life. This mantra also benefit in physical, emotional and mental health.
Tripad Nakshatra Shanti

Tripad Nakshatra Shanti

If any persons death occurs in ‘Krittika’, ‘Punarvasu’, ‘Uttara Falguni’, ‘Vishakha', ‘Uttarashadha’ or ‘Purva Bhadrapada’
nakshatras then it is treated as very inauspicious. It is believed that if shanti is not performed it takes lives of 3 more family members within 2 years time. To remove this ill effect Tripad Nakshatra Shanti is performed.

Maha Rudra Pooja

Maha rudra Pooja

Maha Rudra Pooja is most powerfull pooja performed to please Lord Shiva ( Rudra).
Shiva is considered as supreme god. This pooja will remove all the problems in Kundalini making life of devotee successful and prosperous.


It is the ritual to please lord Shiva by offering sacred bath of holy water, milk, honey and curd, panchamrut and ghee.

It gives us the blessing of Lord Shiva.

Amavasya Janma Shanti Pooja

Amavasya Janma Shanti

If person is born on no moon day or new moon day or if Sun and moon are locked in same line on both horoscope.
Then the person is deprived of benefits of moon are goes through problems associated with ineffective moon. To remove this problem Amaavasya Janma Shanti is performed.
Krishna Chaturdashi Shanti

Krishna Chaturdashi Shanti

it is 29th tithi moon day it’s the 14th day of Krishnaapaksha it is also known as Ugra Prada believed to be increase
violence and forcefulness. This day is considered auspicious for evil thing as hunting, war, fighting, poisoning and creation of armaments.

Ashwini Nakshatra Shanti Pooja

Ashwini Nakshatra Shanti

Ashwini Nakshatra starts at 132:20 time of Aries. The ruler of this Naskshatra is Ashwin Kumar and it is symbolised
as head of Horse. It is affected by Ketu and native can be a soldiers or someone with power of healing.
Pushya Nahshatra Shanti Pooja

Pushya Nahshatra Shanti

Pushya is present entirely in the zodiac sign of Cancer. It is considered as ‘Nourisher’ .
It is symbolised under a Cow which is considered as sacred and a symbol of fruitfulness and productivity.

Uttara Nakshatra Shanti Pooja

Uttara Nakshatra Shanti

This Shanti pooja is performed to correct the ill effect of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra in persons birthchart or horoscope.
Vishakha Nakshatra Shanti Pooja

Vishakha Nakshatra Shanti

Vishaka is ruled by Indra and Agni who controls warmth and
lightning in the atmospheres. It is the 16th Nakshatra of the chart. It is also called as Star of Purpose.

Purvashadha Shanti Pooja

Purvashadha Shanti Pooja

Poorvashada Nakshatra puja is usually did to correct the bad effects of Purvashada Nakshatra in a horoscope and to appease bad
Poorvashada Nakshatra in a horoscope but this rituals can also be achieved to surge the profits.
Revati Nakshatra Pooja

Revati Nakshatra Pooja

Revati nakshatra (Piscium). Range from after 16:40′ up to 30 grade in Meena Rashi, the presiding star is Mercury.
God Pusan. Pusan is the guardian of Cows of the Gods, causes Cow protection and animal farming, security and feeding of dependent relative, foster-father etc.

Ashlesha Nakshatra Shanti Pooja

Ashlesha Nakshatra Shanti

Ashlesha nakshatra Range from 16:40’ to 30: degree Karka. Presiding planet is Mercury.
Sign helical up snake. Valmiki Ramayana, the twin members Lakshman and ShatrughnaIt were born in this nakshatra.
Vaidhruti Yog Shanti Pooja

Vaidhruti Yog Shanti Pooja

According to zodiacal studies, the being of Vaidhruti yog at the time of origin is measured as unfavorable.
To get free of this short-coming vaidhruti yog shanti is accomplished. The being of vaidhruti yog on the day of shanti is treasured.

Bhadra Yoga Shanti Pooja

Bhadra Yoga Shanti

Bhadra Yoga is formed when Mercury is placed in Kendra or Quadrant houses or in Trikona Houses from Lagna
or the Ruling and Mercury should be its own sign or in its sign of praise. This is a favorable combination. It will give the person all the positive results of things indicated by Mercury.
Jeshta Nakshatra Shanti Pooja

Jeshta Nakshatra Shanti

Jeshta (16.40-30.00 Scorpio) is ruled by the Monarch of Gods, God Indra.
The name factually translates into the chief one or the elder one and it grasps true for that which is measured by highest glory.Indra is the guard of idols and it is he who is the divine exterminator and soldier.

Mul Nakshatra Shanti Pooja

Mul Nakshatra Shanti

Moola Nakshatra puja is usually performed to correct the malefic possessions of Moola Nakshatra in a horoscope
and to calm bad Moola Nakshatra in a horoscope but this pooja can also be done to increase the profits given by benefits Moola Nakshatra in a horoscope as in this case.
Chitra Nakshtra Pooja

Chitra Nakshtra Pooja

The integrations of Chitra Nakshatra initiates from 23.20 degrees in Kanya or Virgo zodiac and goes till 6.40 degrees in Tula or
Libra zodiac in the insertion of Viswakarma God which is governed by planet Mars. The presence of this land of giant features embraces a gem on a serpent's top or the serpent's stone.

Mangal Shanti Pooja

Mangal Shanti Pooja

It is believed to be disapproving for marriages, tautness in association, ultimately to other bigger difficulties.
This is supposed to be artificial due to the "burning" nature of the planet Mars, so-called after the Roman god of war. if two mangliks marry, the negative effects are believed to cancel each other out.
Mangal Shanti Jaap Havan

Mangal Shanti+Jaap+Havan

It is believed to be unfavorable for marriages, tension in relationship, eventually to other bigger problems.
This is believed to be caused due to the "fiery" nature of the planet Mars, named after the Roman god of war. if two mangliks marry, the negative effects are believed to cancel each other out.

Guru Shanti Jaap Havan

Guru Shanti+Jaap+Havan

The Guru is an ancient and central figure in the traditions of Hinduism. The ultimate liberation, contentment,
freedom in the form of moksha and inner perfection is considered achievable in the Hindu belief by two means: with the help of guru, and with evolution through the process of karma including rebirth in some schools of Hindu philosophy.
Shukra Shanti Jaap Havan

Shukra Shanti+Jaap+Havan

Shukra as stars appears in numerous Hindu astral manuscripts in Sanskrit, such as the 5th century Aryabhatiya
by Aryabhatta, the 6th century Romaka by Latadeva and Panca Siddhantika by Varahamihira, the 7th century Khandakhadyaka by Brahmagupta and the 8th century Sisyadhivrddida by Lalla.

Shani Shanti Jaap Havan

Shani Shanti+Jaap+Havan

Shani as a sphere look as if in numerous Hindu solar manuscripts in Sanskrit, such as the 5th century Aryabhatiya by Aryabhatta,
the 6th century Romaka by Latadeva and Panca Siddhantika by Varahamihira, the 7th century Khandakhadyaka by Brahmagupta and the 8th century Sisyadhivrddida by Lalla.
Rahu Shanti Jaap Havan

Rahu Shanti+Jaap+Havan

Rahu is a share of the nine planets or navagrahas. It is held that Rahu is the head of the demonic snake that gulps the Sun or the moon, which causes eclipses.
He is a Tamasic Asura who is very unpromising and does its best to create disorder in one’s life.

Ketu Shanti Jaap Havan

Ketu Shanti+Jaap+Havan

Ketu fit in to Jaimini Gotra, while Rahu is from Paiteenasa gotra and hence both are entirely dissimilar articles with distinct features
but are two parts of a mutual body. Ketu is usually mentioned to as a "shadow" sphere. It is supposed to have a marvelous influence on human lives and also the entire formation.