Navagraha Shanti

Navagraha Shanti

Surya Graha Shanti

Surya Devata

Surya Graha Pooja

Surya (Sun) is responsible for father’s health, happiness and strength. Worshipping Surya deva will be benefit in all above aspects of life.

Som Devata

Som Graha Pooja

Som Dev ( Moon) is responsible for Mother’s success, happiness’s mental health, beauty and knowledge. Worshipping Moon lord will benefit is all above aspects of life.
Som Graha Shanti

Mangal Graha Shanti

Mangal Devata

Mangal Graha Pooja

Mangal Devta ( Mars) is associated with happiness, success, strength and education. One can achieve support of sibling by performing this pooja.

Budh Devata

Budh Graha Pooja

Good friends, wealth peace and Siblings happiness is achieve by worshipping lord Budhaa.
Budh Graha Shanti

Guru Graha Shanti

Guru Devata

Guru Graha Pooja

Lord Guru is associated with Knowledge, success in professional life, wisdom and wealth . One can obtain success in all these aspects by worshipping lord Guru.

Shukra Devata

Shukra Graha Pooja

Sukra Deva ( Jupiter planet) holds the control over lavish life style, beauty wealth , prosperity, Good partner, business and spiritual knowledge. Worshipping Sukra Deva will benefit in all these aspects.
Shukra Graha Shanti

Shani Graha Shanti

Shani Devata

Shani Graha Pooja

Persons sina and past life karma’s are responsible for his sorrows, misery, death and greed. Worshipping lord Shani and choosing the right path may help to reduce the ill effects of such evil deeds.

Rahu Devata

Rahu Graha Pooja

Rahu Deva controls misery, black magic, evil and negative powers, possession, evil people in one’s life. To reduce its ill effect one should worship lord Rahu.
Rahu Graha Shanti

Ketu Graha Shanti

Ketu Devata

Ketu Graha Pooja

If one has bad health, pain in joint, unhappy Grandparents the he should worship Ketu Deva as lord controls overall health of individual and family.