Other Places Near Trambakeshwar

Other Places Near Trambakeshwar

Mount Brahmagiri:

1.5 km from trimbak ring road and 3 km from Trimbak bus stand.
Brahmagiri is a mountain adjoining to Trimbakeshwar in the Western Ghats of Maharashtra. Brahmagiri is the source of the sacred River Godavari. As the name suggest it is considered as mount of lord Brahma. It takes 2km climbing to reach at the top of Brahmagiri. The river is seen originating from the mouth of Nandi. From here, the river flows till Gangadwar and then towards Kushavart kunda in Trimbakeshwar village.

Shirdi, Saibaba

Sai Baba Temple of Shirdi:

It is 87-88 km from Nashik.
It has a new railway station which became operational on March 2008 named as ‘Sainagar Shirdi’. There is also helicopter service available to reach Shirdi and the helipads are owned by Shri Sai Baba Sansthan Trust. Shirdi is always crowded by devotes of Sai baba. And now it is one of the richest temple of India and feeding number of people daily.

Anjaneri Mountain:

4 km from Trimbakeshswara.
It is located on the way to Trimabakeshwar and 18-20 km from Nashik. It is popular trekking spot for the zealot. It is considered as birth place of Lord Hanuman. There is temple of lord Hanuman’s mother ‘Anjana Mata Mandir’ at the foothills of Anjeneri parvata. It is an easy trek and even a 6yrs old kid can complete. It has many waterfalls during rainy season.
Anjaneri Parvat

Pandavleni Caves

Pandavaleni Caves:

It is located at almost 9 km from Nashik on highway to Mumbai.
It is most popular outing destination as it is located on outskirts of city popular among young people. At the base of Padavaleni there is a garden named Phalke Smaraka dedicated to Father of Indian cinema Shri Dadasaheb Phalke. Climbing to caves is extremely easy and safe.

Harihar Fort:

It is 13 km from Trimbakeshswara.
It is another popular destination amount the trekking enthusiast.The difficulty level is medium and it provides variations to the trekkers hence amuse the trekking community. Nirgupada is the village as the base of hill. This trek do has dangerous patch which are steep with constant water flow so it is advised to carry ropes and guides.
Harihar Fort

Gangadwar Trimbakeshwar

Gangadwar :

Located 3 km from Trimbakeshswar bus station.
It is located adjacent to mount Brahmagiri and origin of sacred river Godawari. The river is seen coming out from the mouth of Nandi.