Kalsarpa Shanti Pooja

Kalsarpa Shanti Pooja

What is Kalsarpa Yoga?

Kalsarpa Yoga is a placement of planets in such a way that all the fortune planets are trapped between Rahu and Ketu in birth chart or all the planets are placed in one house of a chart. In Indian astrology Kalsarpa is depicted as poisoness snake which swallow all other planets where Rahu is depucted as Snake mouth and Ketu as body of snake. In such condition a person deprived of the good effects or blessings of fortune planets
Kalsarpa Shanti

Effects of Kalsarpa yoga:

The person having Kalsarpa Yoga may experience below in Life.
  • Many obstacles in success inspite of hardwork.
  • Incivility or disrespect in society.
  • Hurdles in Marriage.
  • Stagnant growth.


To reduce the maleficent effects of Kalsarpa dosha one can perform Kalsarpa Shanti. This pooja can be performed by the person himself or if affected person is very young a child then parents can perform this pooja to remove all the obstacles from progress and to obtain desired fruits. To become successful in life one should not ignore Kalsarpa dosha and perform this shanti pooja by worshipping gold idol of snake as soon as person finds this in his birthchart.

Benifits of performing Kalsarpa Shanti Pooja

Below are the benefits of performing Kalsarpa shanti pooja.
  • Person becomes successful in professional and personal life.
  • He earns respectable place in society
  • He gets blessings of goddess Laxmi and 9 different types of snakes.
  • He will experience bonding in family and friends. Bitter relations will improve.
  • Person may experience rise in income.
  • Person is protected of all negative energies and enemies.
  • Person will experience peace and all anxiety and worries will be ended.
  • This will also vanish the snake phobia.

Important Instructions

  • Pooja Schedule
    • Duration of pooja is 2-3 hours however, person should reach Trimbakeshawar one day prior to that of pooja. One should have bath in holy water of Kushavarta and observe fast.
  • Clothes
    • For Men : dhoti kurta
    • For Women : Saree
    • Black and Green coloured clothes should be avoided for Pooja.
  • Food and Stay
    • Food and stay will be available in Trimakeshwar. However, One has to pay separate as pooja cost is exclusive of food and stay.
Kalsarpa Shanti Kalsarpa Shanti Kalsarpa Shanti